Democrats' 'Equality Act' politics of fraud

 The Lid:

In 2019, the “Equality Act” passed the House of Representatives but was stopped in the Senate. Today, in 2021, it passed the House again, with three so-called ‘Republicans’ voting for it. This time remains a question whether the Senate can stop it. The Act literally destroys sports for girls (Title IX), adherence to biological science for genders, privacy in bathrooms for girls, destroys the First Amendment on its way, especially religious freedom. There is nothing “equal” about the “Equality act.”

Reps. John Katko (R-NY), Tom Reed (R-NY), and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) voted with the Democrats on this bill. They are clueless about the ramifications of this legislation and should step down. Apparently, the word “equality” buffaloed them.

 This is a political steamroller with liberal Democrats in charge. That is a strong statement, but it’s the truth. If you stand against transgender people in the bathrooms or girls/women’s sports based on your faith, you will be sued. Gender identity will supersede the science of biological male and female.

The bill allows the term gender identity in place of scientific truth. It removes the right to privacy by mandating that trangenders be allowed in public restrooms based on gender identity. It effectively ends the Federal recognition of scientific genders, which ultimately would re-write civil rights laws to include new protected classes.

An individual shall not be denied access to a shared facility, including a restroom, a locker room, and a dressing room, that is in accordance with the individual’s gender identity.

HR 5– The Equality Act passed the House

Anyone who disagrees with “gender identity” is guilty of discrimination.

Discrimination based on sexual orientation includes discrimination based on an individual’s actual or perceived romantic, emotional, physical, or sexual attraction to other persons, or lack thereof, on the basis of gender. LGBTQ people, including gender nonbinary people, also commonly experience discrimination because of sex-based stereotypes. Many people are subjected to discrimination because of others’ perceptions or beliefs regarding their sexual orientation. Even if these perceptions are incorrect, the identity imputed by others forms the basis of discrimination.

The Act destroys Title IX, allowing biological males to compete against women and girls in sports – the very thing that Title IX was supposed to prevent. When several Connecticut girls filed a lawsuit against the state over transgender people in sports, the DOJ under Trump stood with them. That stance has been removed, and the girls no longer have DOJ backing.

The Act would be used to mandate school curriculum to further indoctrinate children in gender identity.

This pander to people with a psychological disorder is dangerous, especially to young girls.  It is wholly unneeded.  It would make more sense to deal with this disorder with treatment on an individual basis instead of making people in the real world accept the disorder. 


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