There is no cure for Democrats' TDS other than losing an election

 Stephen Kruiser:


We’re going to lead off today with somewhat of a continuation of last Friday’s Briefing. Or it’s a variation on a theme. It’s something that I fear we’ll have plenty of opportunity to talk more about in the coming months because the mental health of the Democrats is in irrevocable decline.

On Friday I highlighted a specific incident that sought to cancel President Trump even in death. Today we’ll look at the pathological mental deterioration behind that, as well as some more petty and ignorant manifestations of this metastasizing Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Shortly after Joe Biden and his asterisk (shout out to VodkaPundit for that one) moved into the White House I wrote that it seemed that his puppet masters were solely motivated by a desire to merely undo everything that President Trump had done. When one isn’t peering through the fog of hatred, one clearly understands that there is a lot of stuff that Trump did that a sane successor would leave in place.

Joe Biden is neither sane nor insane, he simply isn’t there anymore.

The people controlling him, however, are bat you-know-what loony tunes.


Back to Biden. His fervor to cancel Trump has taken on a “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” vibe now.

Stacey wrote yesterday about disturbing casualty of Biden’s first month executive order frenzy:

When President Biden signed his executive order for a review and update to ICE enforcement procedures, he also put Operation Talon on hold. Operation Talon is a  nationwide ICE operation that arrests and removes convicted sex offenders illegally in the United States. The effects of this order have been immediate, with the cancellation of a joint operation to arrest at-large sex offenders:

All this is being done to appease the woke open borders lobby that’s been working in tandem with Big Green to control Grandpa Gropes’ brain during his first four weeks in office. “ICE” is a trigger word for the already unstable left and the mere mention of the agency plunges them further into madness. Sometimes the madness makes them do stupid things. As Stacey notes, this time it’s making them do dangerous things:

As Biden has essentially thrown open the border to migrant caravans and the cartels that traffic human beings over the border, reducing the enforcement in this area is appalling. His executive order halted most immigration enforcement, with “aggravated felons” being the notable exceptions—but only if their aggravated felony occurred in the last ten years. According to a list compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies, illegal immigrants with the following convictions and in the following numbers will no longer meet the criteria for deportation:

  • Sexual Assault: 1,478
  • Sex Offense: 825
  • Smuggling Aliens: 603
  • Lewd or Lascivious Acts with a Minor: 505
  • Kidnapping: 305
  • Sexual Exploitation of a Minor: 231

The Democrats are in control of the federal government right now and they have no clear vision for the United States of America other than hating Donald Trump. That would be myopic and stupid in the best of times. With the pandemic still upon us and the economy in dire need of a comeback, it’s a recipe for long term disaster.


This is probably one reason why Biden was so inept at responding to the deep freeze hitting Texas.  He just does not have time for dealing with an epic weather crisis when he is so focused on unwinding the good things Trump did. 


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