Chinese Americans lambast racist critical race theory

 Washington Examiner:

The oldest Chinese American association has denounced critical race theory as "a hateful, divisive, manipulative fraud."

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York criticized the theory, which argues that the law and legal institutions are inherently racist, in a statement released on Tuesday.

"From its very roots, CRT is racist, repressive, discriminatory, and divisive," the organization wrote, noting that the school of thought is "heavily influenced by such hate promoters as Marx, Lenin, Gramsci, Schmitt, Marcuse, Foucault and Freire."


CACAGNY singled out critical race theory's treatment of Chinese Americans as a cause for concern, arguing that Chinese Americans have "come into CRT's crosshair" by virtue of their status as "white by adjacency" as a result of the minority group "overcom[ing] discrimination and achiev[ing] upward mobility," particularly in the field of higher education.

"For top colleges, CRT uses the ruse of multiple-criteria holistic admissions, which allows Harvard to reject Asians with better academic and extra-curricular credentials than those of admitted applicants. ... If smearing Asians this way isn’t hate speech, then what is? Call it diversity, equity and inclusion," the statement continued.

In a call to action, CACAGNY lamented President Biden's decision to rescind former President Donald Trump's executive order banning critical race theory at the federal level and asked members to vote for state legislators who oppose the theory. Biden's choice to lead the Department of Education, Miguel Cardona, oversaw the creation of a critical race theory class in his home state of Connecticut.


Critical Race theory is racist at its core and should be banned throughout America.  Those implementing it should be investigated as violators of the civil rights of those discriminated against because of it. 


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