Garland looks like a dud AG nominee

 Red States:


Garland’s hearing was an absolute train-wreck. He showed himself to be a left-wing partisan who couldn’t even answer some of the most basic inquiries. Further, he seemed to have no understanding of the fundamental facts surrounding a variety of issues.

As RedState previously covered, Garland made the ridiculous assertion that Antifa attacks on federal property, including trying to burn down a federal courthouse with people inside, might not be domestic terrorism because it happened at night. He also opined that he’d get to the bottom of the “Capitol Bombing” even though there was no bombing, nor any weaponry used at all in the January 6th riot.

This is the kind of thing that passes for brilliance in Washington. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

When pressed on whether illegal border entry should remain a crime, that too was also a question way too tough for the every praised Garland. Later, Sen. Kennedy would try to pry out of him an opinion on forcing girls to play sports with biological boys. Garland had no answer, instead calling it complicated.

After yesterday’s performance, one has to come to the conclusion that Garland likely isn’t even aware of what day it is.

Unsurprisingly, Garland also showed no grasp of the facts, or a willingness to ignore them, when it came to the Steele Dossier. He claimed reports on the matter were conflicting. That’s untrue. We now know, definitively, that the dossier was Russian misinformation, fed by bad sources and paid for by proxy by Hillary Clinton. None of the salacious accusations in the dossier were true. Garland could have shown some intellectual honesty in discussing it. Instead, he toed the false party line because in the end, he’s obviously a Democrat party man.

The myth of Merrick Garland ended yesterday. He’s not a moderate. He’s not smart. He’s a political hack who will be exactly what Eric Holder was to Barack Obama. That any Republican is even considering voting to confirm this man is depressing, and such a vote shouldn’t be forgotten.

That he is not on the Supreme Court is a blessing.  He just does not come across as intelligent.


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