Biden allows Iran to return to attacking Americans and its facilities


Over the past two weeks, Iranian-trained, -funded, and -led Iraqi militias have engaged in several rocket attacks on US facilities in Iraq. One American has been killed, and 6 have been wounded. If you haven’t heard about it, there is a reason. No one in the media is paying any attention to the events.

After the fatal attack on the US facility at Erbil airbase, this is the kind of lame-ass statement the Biden coffee klatch came up with:

The response to the last couple has been even weaker.

The latest strike, which a defense official initially said involved three rockets before the military clarified that it was two, could increase pressure on President Joe Biden’s administration to warn Iran against dangerous activity in the region. Although the Shia militia group that claimed credit for the first attack is widely known to have close ties to Tehran, the Biden administration has refrained from pointing fingers.

U.S. officials said the intelligence does not yet point to a clear culprit and indicated they would let the Iraqis lead the investigation and any military response.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby on Monday declined to answer a question about whether U.S. officials planned to communicate to Iran that killing an American is a red line, as the previous administration did, though he said Washington’s view on Tehran’s activities is “perfectly clear.”

The unstated message in that last paragraph is that the Biden administration has not told Iran that killing Americans is a no-no…and they probably won’t.

This differs from the rocket attacks on US facilities in Iraq after a drone-fired Hellfire missile turned Iranian terrorist Qasem Soleimani and one of his Iraqi proteges into hamburger last January in two key respects. The US retaliated against the militias carrying out those strikes making it such an expensive hobby that they stopped shooting rockets at our bases. And the US media harped on those rocket attacks and casualties relentlessly.

What is going on is quite clear. The Biden bunch is trying to resurrect the failed Obama policy of recognizing an Iranian sphere of influence in Southwest Asia and the Middle East and helping them become a regional superpower…right down to possessing nuclear weapons. Last week, the Biden bunch reversed course on a Trump administration decision to reimpose some sanctions on Iran and removed travel restrictions against some Iranian diplomats that are intimately involved in terrorism and busting existing sanctions.


There is more.

What Biden and the Democrats are doing is in effect saying that a certain number of Americans are expendable in order to do another terrible deal with a terrible regime.  Trump, on the other hand, told the Iranians that if one American was killed he would attack them as he did when he killed their terrorist leader.  Iran got the message and backed off of attacks on Americans.  Biden and his administration is just not very smart. 


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