Threat level for US troops in Iraq raised after Biden orders attack in Syria

 Fox News:

The Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve has raised the threat level for US service members in Iraq, while US contractors at Balad Air Base were put on high alert fearing a response to US airstrikes in Syria, two sources familiar with the move tell Fox News.

Increasing force protection posture may last several days and is considered a routine precaution given current conditions on the ground.

"Protection of coalition troops is the #1 priority, so taking force protection levels higher is wise and prudent," a source told Fox News.

At Balad Air Base, a separate decision was made by Sallyport Global, a company that fulfills US government contracts, to put American contractors on high alert, a person familiar said.


From 6:30 pm to 5:00 am local time, only mission-essential movement will be allowed on base. Protective gear will be required for anyone outside of hardened buildings.

Balad Air Base was hit with a Katyusha rocket attack last weekend and one person was injured.

This month, three major attacks by suspected Iranian-backed Shia militia have occurred against US citizens.

The Biden airstrike lools lie a tit for tat operation with no significant strategic merit.  The lesson from the previous attack by Iran is that they are an enemy and should be treated as such.  Trump appears to have gotten that message across.  


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