Biden destroying the economy of small towns on route of Keystone XL

 Epoch Times:

Entire towns and communities along the route of the Keystone XL pipeline—once lively and prosperous due to the economic opportunity it brought—have been left out of money and out of hope after the project was scrapped by President Joe Biden on his first day in office.

One such town in rural South Dakota had invested heavily in their businesses in order to provide for an influx of workers the project had brought. Some businesses had even secured contracts with various companies working on the pipeline, but now have been left in deep debt and face a bleak future.

Residents of Philip, a small town with less than 900 people, knew that the construction and extra business was temporary, but also knew that the revenue it was to generate would have long-lasting effects on their economy.

Tricia Burns is the owner of a popular fitness center in Philip called Ignite Wellness Studio, a place many Keystone workers frequented. Biden’s decision impacted her livelihood in three separate ways: first, her gym lost approximately $3,000 in recurring monthly income with the loss of membership alone; second, a ranch her family owned suffered a “substantial loss” due to the rise in energy and fuel costs; and third, she described a “heart wrenching loss” from not being able to see her newfound friends again, many of whom were pipeline workers forced to leave the town after being fired.

“The devastation was so evident,” Burns told The Epoch Times. “Not just loss of their jobs but a bleak future of the trade they worked so hard for.

“We cried many tears as the pipeline workers came in to say goodbye to cancel their memberships, not knowing what their next move was but knowing Philip was no longer home” she added.

Terry Cunha, a spokesperson for TC Energy Corp., told The Epoch Times in January that “as a result of the presidential permit being revoked for Keystone XL, 1,000 unionized jobs will be lost in the coming weeks.” Cunha did not respond when asked for more specific details about the job cuts.

Burns said her first reaction to Biden signing the executive order that cancelled the project on Jan. 20 was “disbelief followed by anger.” Then the sadness started to set in. Within 20 minutes of the president’s signature, workers had started cancelling their memberships.

Not only are these people worse off, but the country is also worse off as is the environment.  It was really an unintelligent move right up there with the Idiotic Iran deal of the Obama-Biden administration.  Democrat politicians pretensions of being smart is a total facade. 


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