California Democrats' bad-faith effort to save Newsom from recall

 Victoria Taft:

California Democrats Plan to Use Political Tricknology to Save Governor Gavin Newsom From Recall


 Here’s a list of the ways in which Democrats plan to make rule changes or do what they can to benefit their political party:

  • The Bee reports that Democrats are considering trying to change the date of the recall to the “next regularly scheduled primary election, when Democrats are more likely to vote,” instead of November of 2021. They played the calendar game with the recall of State Senator Josh Newman in 2018.
  • They’re considering sending absentee ballots to every voter whether they’ve asked for one or not to swamp the system.
  • They will attempt to convince people who signed the petition to remove their names in a 30-day period after the signatures are turned in.
  • Their strategy is to “reduce signatures.” As many signatures as possible will be thrown out keep the recall from qualifying for the ballot.
  • Using COVID shutdowns to slow down the signature-gathering such that recall backers went to court to get more time.
  • Believe they’ll use the extended lockdowns to keep people from voting.
  • They’ve begun spinning the recall as a “distraction.”
  • Tried to convince Californians that with all the money being wasted by Democrats (see EDD scandal) spending more on a recall for a new governor is wasteful.

There is much more. 

Newsom has a chance of surviving it because several Republicans have announced that they will run against him.  Although his polling is down considerably, he is not totally underwater at this point.


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