Biden's Energy Secretary nominee doesn't seem to know much about it

 PJ Media:

Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.), President Joe Biden’s nominee for secretary of the interior, refused to answer basic questions about energy and fossil fuels on public lands. Haaland had previously campaigned on eliminating oil and gas production in New Mexico and Biden has pledged to eliminate drilling on public lands, yet the nominee played dumb when faced with elementary questions on these issues.

Rather than responding to basic questions and acknowledging the economic devastation that banning or restricting fossil fuels on public lands would entail, Haaland repeated that she has not been “briefed” on “that specific issue.”

Here are five gobsmacking moments from Wednesday’s confirmation hearing.

1. Haaland grudgingly admits shutting down pipelines costs jobs


2. Haaland wouldn’t address the limits of her authority


3. Is moving oil safer with pipelines than with trucks?


4. Haaland wouldn’t say the U.S. has better environmental standards than Venezuela


5. Is cannabis the replacement for oil and gas revenue?

Haaland stood by her previous suggestion that taxing the sale of marijuana should replace the revenue lost in the banning of oil and gas production.


There is much more.

She does not seem too bright.  It makes me wonder why New Mexico elected her to Congress in the first place since she wants to destroy a third of the state's revenue.  It is apparent that the people who want to destroy the US energy industry do not know much about it including Biden.


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