Boebert Defends Ted Cruz vacation

 PJ Media:

First-term Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert, perhaps best known for having to fight Nancy Pelosi to exercise her Second Amendment right to carry in the House Chamber, dropped a rhetorical bomb on Twitter Monday morning, blasting hypocritical Democrats for their obsession with Ted Cruz’s trip to Cancun, Mexico, last week.

In case you’ve been living in a cave, the Left—and many on the Right—threw a collective temper tantrum last week because Texas Sen. Ted Cruz fled his frigid home state for the warmth and sunshine of Cancun. Why anyone would want to go to gang-ridden Cancun is beyond me, but I can sympathize with Cruz’s desire to escape the deep freeze and power outages Texas has been laboring under. Cruz should have just owned it and said he was taking a few days away to enjoy some family time, but instead, he bungled his response, giving his critics an excuse to drag the story out for much longer than it needed to be. He had nothing to apologize for, but apologize he did, giving the mob even more ammunition against him.

At any rate, Boebert didn’t mince words in calling out the hypocrisy of those on the Left who clutch their pearls over Ted Cruz’s family vacation while turning a blind eye to accused rapists and pedophiles on their team.

“Imagine if the Left was as outraged with their political leaders visiting Epstein Island as they are about @TedCruz going to Cancun with his family,” the 34-year-old lawmaker tweeted.

Democrat godfather Bill Clinton appeared 26 times in flight logs for sicko-pedophile Jeffery Epstein’s “Lolita Express” plane. One of the sexual deviant’s victims even said Clinton vacationed at Epstein’s so-called “Pedophile Island,” where scores of underage girls were trafficked and abused (Clinton denied ever visiting). That didn’t stop Democrats from making him a featured speaker at their convention, or from propping up Mrs. Bill Clinton, who smeared her husband’s own accusers as “bimbos” in an effort to cover up accusations of sexual assault.

And everyone in Hollywood knew about Harvey Weinstein’s “casting couch,” but the convicted sex offender got a pass for decades because the Democrat mega-donor was rich, powerful, and, more important, had the right political affiliation. The same with actor Kevin Spacey—also a Democrat mega-donor—who allegedly got his kicks sexually abusing underage boys. Hollywood lauded the Democrat-in-good-standing when he received an Oscar for his portrayal of a suburban father who ogles his underage daughter’s best friend and tries to bed her in American Beauty. The Washington Post referred to the teen cheerleader as “human steam in a skirt” and called Spacey’s role as a perverted suburban father “achingly tender.”

But OMG, Ted Cruz was “caught” walking through an airport—with a suitcase!

This woman is giving Democrats fits.  Good.  They deserve it.  The attacks on Cruz were part of the media attempts to go after potential GOP nominees for President in 2024.  That is why we have been seeing bogus attacks on Cruz, DeSantis, and of course Trump.  The media wing of the Democrat party is starting early on a slander campaign to try to keep the evils of liberalism in power. 


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