Iranian proxies take advantage of Biden 's inept foreign policy

 Red States:


Now it looks like the Iranian backed terror group the Houthis have just fired off a ballistic missile at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and several other Saudi cities are also under drone attack.

Fortunately, the Saudis were able to intercept the missile aimed at Riyadh.


This also followed an explosion on an Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman which is similar to Iranian attacks there in 2019 and the Houthis increasing their attacks on Marib in Yemen.

Is this all coincidental that this comes after Biden has come in, lifting the terrorist designation on the Houthis without any concessions on their part or on Iran’s part, and indicated he’s willing to go back into the terrible Iran Deal? Not to mention Biden saying that he would end the support for the Saudis who were backing the internationally recognized government that the Houthis are trying to take out. Biden’s basically waving the flag to the Houthis and saying, “Come on,” and they are. It’s already a blood bath in Yemen.

People who are knowledgeable about the region and what’s going on laid it at Joe Biden’s feet.

How does giving the people who are terrorists and who started the war their head help end the war? It’s insane and makes no sense. He’s taken a bad situation and made it far worse. But we’re back to having failed policies that make no sense either for the U.S. or our allies.


Biden's Iranian policy makes zero sense.  It is a return to the inept policies of Obama.  He seems to also lack any strategic judgment about what Iran is up to in Yemen.  Iran is using the Houthis to get a grip on a strategic waterway for delivering oil to Europe and other countries.  Biden is not bright enough to see what Iran's end game is. 


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