Biden caught flat footed on his failure to follow through with $2,000 checks following Georgia runoffs

 Red States:

Anytime that Joe Biden is around the press, even knowing that most of them are friendly to him, you can almost hear the intake of breath from his team hoping that he can get through the exchange, as they immediately try to rush him out the door at the nearest opportunity to avoid any more questions.

But as they tried to do that today, Fox’s Peter Doocy, one of people who actually asks Biden real questions as a journalist should, managed to sneak one in as Biden was finishing and turning from the podium.

Doocy asked what happened to Biden’s promise seven weeks ago, that if the Democrats won the Senate, checks [the $2000 virus relief checks] would be going out the door immediately?

For sure, that’s one question that Biden doesn’t want to answer since he completely blew that promise on multiple fronts. First, because after they were declared the winners, Joe didn’t “immediately” get the checks out. Indeed, they’re still not out, while the Democrats were concentrating on the fruitless effort of trying to impeach President Donald Trump again. But, second, despite the fact that he promised $2000, which many voters in Georgia said affected their voting, he then scaled that back to $1400, saying $600 had gone out in an earlier bill. But he said $2000 after that, so people justifiably believed that he meant an additional $2000. Whoops, just another lie, just another promise broken.

So knowing all that, Joe’s handlers weren’t about to let him take that one on. They even went “buh bye, thank you” to “Peter” by name just so he would know, hey, bro, you ain’t getting any answers from us on that one. “Let’s go,” says the woman trying to usher all the reporters out.

Biden starts to totter off, but then seems to be told by Kamala Harris who is standing there in the wings that he forgot his mask, so he has to go back and get it. Whoops.


Biden lied to get elected and then lied against to get Democrat Senators elected and is left lying on why he did not keep his word.  Why do even Democrats believe his promises now? 


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