Biden's goofy pipeline policies

 Jack Hellner:

President Biden blocked the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the U.S., ostensibly due to environmental concerns and claims about global warming, even though the long planned project had cleared all environmental hurdles.

Yet the Biden State department just effectively approved an energy pipeline from Russia to Germany.


Count that as a win for pipelines — for others, just not us.  The rest of the press is focusing on Biden making his "decisions," but with this news, the direction of this administration is clear.

It is clear that jobs in Europe and Russia are more important to Biden than jobs in the United States.  Energy from fossil fuels is also OK in Europe, just not here.

Therefore, when Biden blocked the Keystone pipeline, it was purely catering to his special interest groups and had zero to do with science.


Actually, it is worse.  It is not in Nato's strategic interest for Europeans to be dependent on Russian natural gas.  This is especially the case when they could be using LNG from the US, except that Biden is blocking the drilling for that on federally controlled sites.  So, The US and NATO are committed to defending the Europeans from Russia while making them more dependent on Russian gas.  Biden is showing himself as a strategic idiot. 


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