Chicoms copy Democrats' bogus claims of racism

 Washington Examiner:

Infuriated by the international community's growing concern over its genocidal policy toward Uyghur Muslims, China has unleashed a new propaganda tactic: Describe its critics as Nazis.

The U.S.-led "Five Eyes" intelligence alliance is an "axis of white supremacy," screamed a Tuesday editorial in the Global Times propaganda newspaper. Directed by the Chinese foreign ministry, this newspaper is one of Beijing's primary levers for broadcasting its party line to the rest of the world. This particular editorial was motivated by the Canadian Parliament's unanimous recognition this week of China's Uyghur policy as a genocide. It follows a similar designation by the U.S. State Department.

The Communists are not happy.

The Five Eyes is "becoming a racist axis aimed at stifling the development rights of 1.4 billion Chinese," Xi Jinping's propagandists say. "Except for New Zealand," that is, which the Global Times describes as "the smallest of the five countries and unwilling to get too involved in international conflicts."

China's exclusion of that small nation from the other Five Eyes members (America, Australia, Britain, and Canada) is noteworthy. As I've documented, China wants to insert a wedge and stoke very real concerns that New Zealand is no longer a reliable ally. This is a reality to which more Western journalists should pay heed when they consider Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as some kind of modern-day Jesus.

Still, there's a striking irony of China's description of the Five Eyes as Nazis.

After all, China's concentration camp policy toward the Uyghurs, a policy centered on forced serialization, forced labor, and death, will be quite familiar to even the most cursory students of the Nazi regime. It's true that the human cost of the Holocaust was far higher than what China has done to more than 2 million Uyghurs. But we should not ignore the similarities between these two tragedies.


I think they have been listening to too many Democrats and think the name-calling is effective especially with liberals.  They also appear to lack a sense of irony.  They are totally shameless in their treatment of the Uyghurs.  It is part of their anti-religious bigotry.  They also treat Christians shamefully, destroying churches and jailing ministers.  China is a totalitarian regime and it treats minorities like one.


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