Polls shows working class movement toward GOP

 Red States:

There are results in from a new poll and it’s not good for Democrats.

The NBC poll confirms something that anecdotally we’ve all been seeing over the past four years.

That a significant number of blue-collar workers no longer believe that the Democratic Party is for them and they’re fleeing to the Republican Party.

According to the poll, the number of blue-collar workers who call themselves Republicans has gone up by 12 percent in the last decade. Meanwhile, blue-collar workers who identify as Democrats have dropped by eight points. The number of black and Hispanic blue-collar workers who identify as Republican has also gone up, with Hispanics up 13 percent and with black blue-collar workers up 7 percent over that same period of time. Meanwhile, the white-collar worker numbers have stayed about the same, with the GOP losing just one percent and Democrats picking that up.

A lot of that growth and change is people who came to the party under President Donald Trump because they saw the positives and changes that were happening to help the American worker. Meanwhile, when they look at the Democrats, workers see a party that doesn’t seem to care about their interests and pushes policies that would hurt them like bringing in a ton of additional workers through their immigration policies and killing energy jobs and related jobs with their climate change agenda.

But as I wrote last night, those folks came in on the heels of the policies of Trump, they’re not looking for the actions of the stalled uni-party or establishment characters. Almost half of Republicans would jump to another party if Trump created it. Just 27 percent said they would stay Republicans and the remainder were undecided. They saw under Trump how the economy could really work for them and they want it. They saw how that supercharged the energy industry and businesses, and they want it. They saw he was hearing their concerns and they want that in their government.

Trump has done the best job of growing the base of the Republican party.  He has exposed the Democrats as the party of the elites.  Democrats are openly disdainful of blue-collar workers and small business. 


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