Biden administration's politics of fraud in support of Democrat Covid bill

 Legal Insurrection:

Democrats love to redefine words to suit their purposes, and the latest example of this from the Biden White House is a doozy. They are reportedly calling the Democrat-only support for Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID (aka the Pelosi Payoff) bill “bipartisan.”

Both Democrats and Republicans have long abused the word, of course. Legislation passed with a mere handful of—or even only one or two—opposition party votes is hailed as “bipartisan” because politicians understand that a good segment of the American people prefer legislation that is not rammed through by one party.

The Biden White House is taking this one step further. Now, apparently, “bipartisan” means without a single member of the GOP supporting the legislation . . . just polling showing that some GOP mayors, “officials outside Washington,” and voters do support it.

How would the Biden team feel if Republicans described the bill as receiving bipartisan opposition if somewhere in the country a Democrat opposed it?  Why do the Democrats have to pretend there is popular support for this mess?


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