The Democrats disorder on the border

 Silvio Cantu, Jr.:


What could go wrong?  Let me share a few possibilities:

1. These kids are coming from Mexico and Central America, where COVID is getting worse, not better.  Is it fair to ask: whom will these children infect?  Are they going to be isolated?  How is that going to look?

2. Who is paying for this?  My guess is that the taxpayers will pay for it, but the problem is that no one explained this during the campaign.  All we heard in the campaign was that the Biden administration would be more "humane."  My guess is that most Americans do not believe that "humaneness" is the same as taking thousands of children from other countries.

How will this play in 2022?  Not well — every Democrat running in 2022, especially in districts between the coasts, will be worried about explaining this disorder on the border.

The Democrat open borders policy is deeply unpopular in much of the country.  Democrats like the uncontrolled migration because it helps them steal House seats in Congress and they hope to use them as imported votes in the future.  Biden's nominee for AG is not even willing to say whether he will enforce the law against illegal migration.


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