The 'so what' news of the day shows impeachment effort if flailing

NY Times:

Trump Pressed Australian Leader to Help Barr Investigate Mueller Inquiry’s Origins

The discussion was another instance of the president using American diplomacy for potential personal gain.
This is something that was needed to get to the bottom of the first coup attempt against the President.  We need to find out who within the Obama administration is guilty of pushing the spying on the Trump campaign.
The artificial media freak-out over President Trump asking Australia to look into the roots of the Russia Collusion Hoax tells me the Ukraine Hoax is already running out of steam.
Australia is just one small part of the dancing girls and fireworks being used to distract us from the fact that a basis for impeachment does not exist.

Let’s start with this…

All the way back in May, long before the word “whistleblower” became the new “Russia,” Trump told the media, and by extension all of us, that he would have Attorney General Bill Barr look into the birth of the Russia Collusion Hoax by working with three foreign countries: Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and — wait for it, wait for it — Australia.

Trump said this out loud.

To the media.

Back in May.


No one said diddly because it is perfectly appropriate for the president and his attorney general to do this. In fact, as you read these very words, there is an ongoing Justice Department investigation looking at the origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax. This investigation was announced. We know who the players are. Reports are expected soon, which is why the Ukraine Hoax is also dancing girls and fireworks — a way to keep voters distracted from upcoming inspector general reports that are expected to be very damaging, especially for the Unholy Trio of Comey, Clapper, and Brennan.
It is more than ironic that is was OK for the Obama administration to get Australia, the UK, and Ukraine to help it spy on the Trump campaign but it is somehow impeachable to investigate those who participated in the coup attempt with the Obama administration.  The absurdity of the current impeachment move by Democrats is coming more into focus as the use an anonymous source who relied on anonymous people for a hearsay account of the phone conversation that was wildly wrong about the specifics.

Australia has responded that it will cooperate in the investigation.


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