Democrats appropriate a word to deny its real meaning so that Trump is not suppose to use it

Washington Post:

Trump compares investigation to ‘lynching,’ drawing condemnation

While the president previously called the probe a “witch hunt,” his latest tweet seized on a word associated with the killings of thousands, predominantly African Americans.
Lynching was never limited to just targetting black people.  Its meaning is associated with people ignoring the rule of law and due process to attach someone they hate or someone caught stealing cattle.  While certainly there were black people who were lynched, I doubt the number was in the thousands.  Whatever the number, it was wrong but it is not wrong for Trump to describe the current coup attempt by Democrats as a lynching that ignores the rule of law and due process.

Democrats seem to think that they can appropriate a word and ignore its original meaning.  It is just another attempt to play identity politics and it is disgusting.  Treating the black population as if Jim Crow is still in effect is a false narrative meant to frighten them into voting for Democrats despite the bad policies of Democrats which has kept millions of blacks in dependency while Trump's policies have put millions of blacks back to work.

What Democrats are trying to do is change the subject from their attempt to hang the President with an unfair process and put the President on the defensive for using a perfectly good description of their efforts.


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