Sidney Blumenthal accused of making threats against the publication of book exposing Democrat Russian collusion hoax

Red States:
The Clintons have a reputation for not holding back when it comes to people who cross them.

The latest report wouldn’t disabuse you from that belief.

According to a Fox News report, Hillary Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal allegedly made legal threats to the publisher of the new book about the Democratic connection to the origins of the Russia probe in an effort to shut the book down.

According to the Fox source, Blumenthal believes that the book, “The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History,” by Lee Smith, is defamatory.

“Blumenthal tried to stop it from being published,” the source told Fox News, saying the Hillary Clinton confidant sent threatening letters to Smith and publisher Center Street, a division of Hachette Book Group.

Blumenthal didn’t respond to Fox.

If Blumenthal is that worked up about it, that’s probably the greatest ad for the book, as well as a good indication that something in the book is probably over the target.

The book delves into the involvement of Democratic operatives behind the unverified anti-Trump Steele dossier. The Clinton campaign and the DNC engaged Perkins Coie to pay Fusion GPS for the information that became the dossier. The dossier, which was opposition research, was then essentially weaponized when it made its way to the FBI and the media and undermined Donald Trump.

According to the source, “the Clinton machine wanted to intimidate Lee,” but it doesn’t sound like he or the publishers are intimidated. The publishers don’t think Blumenthal’s threats hold any merit and they intend to go ahead with the book release, scheduled for Tuesday. Smith, while not discussing whether or not there were any threats, told Fox, “People in the Clinton world are keen for this book not to come out.”

Blumenthal’s name has been attached to the dossier in the past by former House Intelligence Committee Chair Trey Gowdy according to the Washington Examiner.
Lee Smith has done some of the best reporting on the Democrat participation in the first coup attempt against the President.  You can find an excerpt from the book here.


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