Democrats are pushing their Ukraine hoax to try to give their weak field of 2020 candidates a chance

Washington Post:

Anxiety rises among Democrats worried about party’s prospects in 2020

As they look at a weakened Republican president, Democrats see vulnerabilities in their own field, and the unpredictable nature of the race so far has contributed to their unease.
They have a weak field because they are pushing unpopular Democrat policies.  They know their agenda is unpopular and that is why they are trying to taint Trump by pushing a bogus theory about Ukraine that has zero merit.  In the process, they are energizing the President's base in a way that leads them to want to crawl across broken gall to vote against Democrats.  Trump is already leading the preelectrion campaign financing polling with a nearly insurmountable lead in fundraising.

I can't wait to vote against Democrats who pivot from the Russian collusion hoax to an attempt to try to make normal diplomacy look like an impeachable offense.  I have never seen a more disgusting group of politicians and their media cohorts are just as bad.


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