Vindman looks like a Deep State mole placed in the Security Council while working for a faction in Ukraine

Washington Post:

White House lawyer moved transcript of Trump call to classified server after Ukraine adviser raised alarm

John Eisenberg restricted access to the document after Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman relayed concerns about the president’s statements on the call with the Ukrainian president, according to people familiar with Vindman's testimony.
There was really no logical basis for concern about the call.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with requesting help from a  foreign government in an investigation of corruption by US officials.  The fact that Biden might be a candidate opposing Trump is immaterial.  It does not give him a pass on his past conduct.  It is alleged that Vindman was advising the Ukraine government at the same time he was supposedly working for the US.  If that was true it raises questions of dual loyalty and conflicts of interests.  Who was responsible for putting this guy in this position?

There is also the showboating with a uniform that he never wore to work.
The other thing was Vindman's showing up for the cameras in a spotless military uniform, medals gleaming from his chest. The guy always wore a suit and tie to his NSC job. Let's call that what it is: some public relations manipulations to keep Republicans from seeming too mean to him by asking him tough questions. And of course, a bid to win the public over to impeachment, given that the public still respects the troops. If this trooper says something, why, then, all of them must think the same. They never extended such courtesies to, say, Oliver North, or Michael Flynn, but now a uniform is useful for their purposes, one that neither they nor Vindman in his NSC job ever had use for before. Packaging. And in any case, all kinds of people have military medals, because combat does not distinguish political opinions. In other words, many medals are worn by NeverTrumps. The same deal goes for Jewish émigrés from the USSR. Two words: Max Boot. The public relations buildup is attempting to trump facts with emotional imagery.
The Democrats in the House are shameless in their pursuit of impeachment of the President.  They have desperately embraced one hoax after another to push their attempts to overthrow the 2016 election.  This one looks no different.  It is deeply dishonest.  It is something we have come to expect from Adam Schiff

The name and the biases of the alleged whistleblower are coming out anyway.


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