Did FBI, CIA give Trump a different briefing than they gave Clinton in 2016

Matt Vespa:
Did The FBI Give Trump And Hillary Different Counterintelligence Briefings in 2016?

BREAKING: Sens. Grassley & Johnson have fired off a letter to FBI Director Wray demanding he turn over notes from Aug 2016 counterintelligence defensive briefings to Hillary Clinton & Trump b/c they suspect the FBI gave 2 different briefings --one to Hillary, and another to Trump
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So, given the FBI’s bias, the fact that they were investigating Trump during the 2016 cycle, and the reports that the counterintelligence briefings the bureau gave to Trump being the Republican nominee for president were being used as information gathering rendezvous, what were they actually telling the now-president? They gave Hillary a briefing as well. Were the two different? Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) want to know and have given the FBI until October 30 to honor their request to turn over the documents related to these briefings to see if there was indeed a tale of two briefings....
I would send the same letter to the CIA which appears to have been at the heart of the Russian collusion hoax.


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