Only .001 percent of Houston homes have solar panels on the roof

Fuel Fix:
San Diego has the most residential solar density in the United States with 10.2 percent of homes with solar panels, according to a study of 21 major metropolitan areas.

The other cities that round out the top five solar communities are also in California, including San Francisco, Riverside, San Jose and Los Angeles, according to Cape Analytics of California which uses aerial images to analyze property risk and value for insurers.

Houston barely registers at No. 18 on the list, according to the study. Only .001 percent of Houstonians have solar panels on their roofs, reflecting the lack of state-wide incentives to install solar systems that California and other states offer to their residents.
Texas tends to have more reasonably priced electric rates because the grid is not dominated by solar panels.  Texas tends to use more reliable natural gas supplemented by wind energy. Houston voters should be wary of campaign promises by Democrats running for president who have declared war on the Texas energy industry with threats to shut down fracking.


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