Republicans want Schiff to call the cowardly whistleblower

Washington Examiner:
House Republicans, who have been denied the authority to request witnesses in the ongoing impeachment inquiry of President Trump, asked Democrats to summon the anonymous whistleblower to testify publicly.

Republicans leading the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight committees on Wednesday sent a letter to Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff requesting the whistleblower testify in an open session as well as “all individuals he or she relied upon in formulating the complaint.”

Republicans wrote to the California Democrat that the whistleblower’s accusations have been contradicted by information the three panels have since gathered in closed-door impeachment testimony from several witnesses this month.

“In light of these inconsistencies between facts as alleged by the employee and information obtained during the so-called impeachment inquiry, the Committee ought to fully access the sources and credibility of the employee,” Republican Reps. Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, and Michael McCaul wrote to Schiff.
Schiff is too big of a coward to call the witness too.  He knows it will expose his impeachment scam.  If Schiff won't call the witness, then the Senate should call him now.


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