Schiff accused of witness tampering

PJ Media:
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is reportedly telling witnesses testifying in the impeachment inquiry not to answer questions by certain Republicans.

While speaking with reporters on Capitol Hill, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise slammed the secretive process, pointing out that Schiff gets to choose all the witnesses, but that he's also "directing witnesses not to answer questions that he doesn’t want the witness to answer if they’re asked by Republicans.”

If true, this is, by definition, witness tampering. According to U.S. Code § 1512, anyone who "knowingly uses intimidation, threatens, or corruptly persuades another person, or attempts to do so, or engages in misleading conduct toward another person, with intent to cause or induce any person to withhold testimony," has tampered with a witness. If Schiff is directing witnesses not to answer questions, he's effectively trying to get them to withhold testimony.
Schiff has also been accused of lying over the last two years about the Russian collusion hoax.  He seems more than careless about the truth if he thinks it will hurt the President.  He should be removed from his position as chairman of any committee in Congress.


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