Schiff setup blatantly unfair and unconstitutional rules for impeachment

Elizabeth Vaughn:
Rep. Debbie Lesko Absolutely SHREDS Adam Schiff And His New Resolution In Rules Committee Meeting

As the clip begins, Lesko is studying a copy of the new resolution which she has marked up and she’s in the middle of a slow monologue. She’s in disbelief over the unfairness of it all.

“…On page 4, it says basically that Rep. Nunes, the ranking member on Intelligence needs the permission of Chairman Schiff to subpoena witnesses…unlike what happened in the Nixon and Clinton hearings.”

A gentle male voice is heard saying, “Will the gentlelady yield?”

Lesko ignores him momentarily. Looks up for a moment, says, “I will when I’m done. Thank you.” She continues.

“Um, and then on page 5, line 3 forward. Chairman Schiff is not required to make public all transcripts. He can pick and choose or he can choose not to make any transcripts public.”

Peruses the transcript. Continues.

“Adam Schiff determines what he deems appropriate to include in his report. If you think this is fair, this is not fair. At all. And so the title of this is really misleading to the American public.”

“I went previously and asked, ‘Can I see the testimony?’ I’m a member of the Judiciary Committee and I’m going to be voting on this in Judiciary Committee. Yet I can’t see the testimony as has been done in both Republican and Democrat leadership in the past under the Nixon and Clinton impeachments where it was done in the Judiciary Committee. It was open. It was open to the public, and you said, Ken Starr, well he’s an independent counsel.”

“I’m sorry. Adam Schiff is not an independent counsel. In fact, he has made repeated statements over and over and over again that he wants to impeach the President.”
Ther si much more.

Adam Schiff is a disgrace and is putting together a blatantly unfair process.


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