GOP senators are not going to fall for the Democrat impeachment trap

Rich Lowry:
It’s a total fantasy to think Republicans will abandon Trump now

A lot of Trump supporters are going to want to blame the Republican establishment even if Trump loses in 2020 with the backing of the united party apparatus. Imagine what they will think if a couple of dozen Republican senators decide to deny him the opportunity to run for ­re-election, without a single voter having a say on his ultimate fate. It’s hard to come up with any scenario better designed to stoke the populist furies of Trump’s most devoted voters.
I would consider a vote for impeachment a betrayal not only of Trump but the country.  It would be falling for yet another hoax propped up to justify a coup attempt.  The Democrats are not doing this in good faith.  They are pushing lies and misrepresentations like they did in the Russian collusion hoax.  They have zero credibility with me at this point.


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