The media's illogical argument about Trump withholding aid to Ukraine

Power Line:
The lead headline in today’s Washington Post (paper edition) proclaims: “Foes of Ukraine swayed Trump.” Just below this headline, we are informed that “Putin, Orban urged a hostile view; leaders fed corruption narrative, U.S. officials say.” The Post’s story is here.
Just a few days ago, however, the Post paid glowing tribute to Joe Biden’s “brawling efforts” to combat corruption in Ukraine. Clearly, Ukrainian corruption is real and serious, not the invention of its enemies.
Is it possible that Biden’s “brawling” rooted out all serious corruption in Ukraine? No, it isn’t. Even his boosters at the Post don’t make such a ridiculous claim.
Thus, Trump didn’t need Putin or Orban to “sway” him into believing that there is a corruption problem in Ukraine. I don’t doubt that, in his effort to keep the administration from aiding Ukraine, Putin reminded Trump of the corruption problem. But there is no reason to believe that Putin swayed Trump. And, of course, the U.S. ultimately provided Ukraine with the military aid in question.
I wonder whether it dawned on any of the four authors of the Post’s story that there’s a tension between their claim that Putin swayed Trump and the notion that Trump withheld aid in order to harm his political enemies.
The media does not care about the lack of logic to their reporting.  All they care about is harming the President politically and helping the Democrats with their treasonous coup attempt.


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