GOP fights back against Democrat Star Chamber impeachment proceedings where Dems use one sided leaks

Washington Post:

Graham plans resolution condemning House impeachment inquiry

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) said the impeachment process “is illegitimate, is unconstitutional and should be dismissed in the Senate.”
The proceedings are illegitimate.  They are followed by cherry-picked excerpts leaked to the liberal media to try to taint the jury of public opinion.  The mainstream media has supported every Democrat coup attempt since the election of Trump and they have consistently used biased leaks which were subsequently shown to be grossly misleading.  From the Russian collusion hoax to their weird defense of Biden corruption the left in this country is willing to throw out due process and fairness to pursue their illegitimate coup attempt.

Sen. Graham is right.  Schiff is using a corrupt process and the media is delighted to get the cherry-picked leaks that lack context and countervailing facts.

The NY Post asks an excellent question--What is Schiff trying to hide?

With Republicans seeing the Shiff impeachment effort as illegitimate it stands little chance of succeeding despite the media effort to defend the unfair process.


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