Why Democrats are likely to lose again

Salena Zito:
You don't have to look any further than the sound bites from this past week's Democratic debate or the recent town halls. Confiscating guns, banning fracking, hiking taxes, providing free health care to illegal immigrants and stamping out religious liberty were the promises Democrats made to compete for primary votes.

Here is what most of Trump's critics don't understand about why this new conservative populist coalition voted for Trump over not just Clinton but also 17 very qualified, distinguished, mostly establishment Republican candidates in the party's primary battle.

It was never about Trump. It was always about their communities. Trump was the symptom, not the cause.

These voters aren't going to budge. It's not that everyone who voted for him considers his first term a massive success that has improved America's economy and made us safer. It's that Democrats and never-TrumpRepublicans have done nothing to reflect on why they lost to this guy. They'd rather make fun of the voters -- it is easier and makes for great sport on Twitter -- than admit their contribution to this flee from normalcy.
They seem to have no idea why their policies are destructive to many Americans.  Their policies would destroy the US economy and put millions out of work.


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