How Adam Schiff uses his closed hearings to spread lies to the media

Exclusive — Fake News Echo Chamber: New York Times Prints Lies by Adam Schiff Witness Made in Secret Testimony

The story, which relies on leaks from Democrats conducting the “impeachment inquiry” into President Donald Trump of testimony by one witness who had no firsthand knowledge of the allegations she was making, claims Patel had provided President Trump with documents on Ukraine and met with the president about them.
But the problem with the Times story, and its sources that appear to be leaks from Democrats of Hill’s testimony, is that the entire premise is untrue, sources familiar with Patel’s meetings with the president told Breitbart News. Since the Times published its story, Breitbart News has spoken with a dozen sources including current White House officials, then-current-now-former White House officials, congressional officials familiar with the investigation and the meetings Patel had with President Trump, and others in the know about what actually happened and discovered that Patel’s meetings with President Trump had “absolutely nothing,” in the words of one source, to do with Ukraine whatsoever.

One now-former White House official confirmed that President Trump did in fact meet with Patel on a number of occasions, though it’s unclear if these were one-on-one meetings or there were others present.

A source close to House GOP leadership told Breitbart News that Patel’s meetings with the president were focused on domestic national security matters, and that Ukraine did not come up at all.

That source said of the Times story:

This story is complete nonsense. The meeting was arranged at the suggestion of multiple GOP congressmen and senators to discuss domestic national security issues that Kash has specific knowledge and unique expertise in. This meeting had absolutely nothing to do with Ukraine.

A second well-placed source familiar with Patel’s interactions with the president told Breitbart News that the Times story that relies on Hill’s testimony—leaked by Democrats—is “100 percent false.”
There is much more.  The lies may have been told about Patel because he was a key figure in exposing the Russian collusion hoax in the Democrats' first coup attempt.

John Nolte also exposes another false and misleading statement by Bill Tayor whom the Democrats described as a key witness with explosive testimony.  That explosion is now blowing up in their face as  "U.S. ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland disputes the most damning portions of Acting Ukraine Ambassador William Taylor’s impeachment testimony."
Time and time and time again, this is how it works… Some Deep State Never Trumper delivers a “bombshell” testimony that is certain to see the Orange Bad Man removed from office, and then it appears to fall apart once all the facts come to life, once the full context becomes clear…

This is even worse than Russia Collusion, though. This process is somehow more corrupted, because this time Democrats and their media allies are coordinating impeachment testimony in secret, and then running for a touchdown carrying selective leaks chosen by Schiff — the serial liar who looked America in the eye for three years to tell us he had concrete evidence Trump colluded with Russia.

We already know that the only thing leaked from Taylor’s testimony was his opening statement, while not one moment of the cross examination he faced from Republican congressmen has been made public. And we now have three congressmen who were there saying Taylor’s allegations fell apart as soon as they were challenged.
There is much more in this piece too.  What it demonstrates is a pattern to deceive by Schiff and his cohorts in the mainstream media.  The NY Times never seems to get tired of pushing this material despite the questionable credibility of their sources.


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