Deep State came out to watch Nationals lose again

Washington Post:

President Trump met with sustained boos when introduced during the game

Trump’s appearance was a rare event. He usually stays inside the White House while in the city, and had not attended a Washington sporting event since becoming president.
President Trump is unlikely to win many elections in DC where the Deep State resides.  Despite his success in raising the prospects of the rest of the country, the liberals in DC can't hold back their hate.  Meanwhile, the Nationals lost their third straight game to the Astros who had dominate pitching from Gerrit Cole.

Angelo Codeville has a good piece on the arrogance of the Deep State operatives who think they should be in charge and not the elected officials.
The New York Times long has tried to school us in the rightfulness of the bureaucracy’s attempt to rule America contrary to the results of elections. Last year, the editorial board published an anonymous piece, in an unprecedented move, purporting to be written by a “high official” arguing that mandarins like himself serve the country by subverting the Trump administration. The most recent titles tell all. Thomas Friedman wrote: “It’s not Trump vs. the Democrats. It’s Trump vs. the country’s true defenders,” these being the intelligence officers who have teamed up with the Democrats and the media anonymously to smear Trump. Most recently, Michelle Cottle, a member of the editorial board, published “They Are Not the Resistance. They Are Not a Cabal. They Are Public Servants: Let us now praise these not-silent heroes.” She might have added the adjective “anonymous.” Another Times story is headlined, “‘We Didn’t Get Ph.Ds Just to Sit Around’: Civil Servants’ Good Will Erodes.”

The premise of the Times’ campaign is that the bureaucrats’ knowledge and positions give them the right, and the duty, to rule in defiance of elected officials—not just in cases, like Trump’s which they may consider extraordinary, but in general. In practice, this argument means that bureaucrats should obey elected officials only when these measure up to the bureaucrats’ Progressive standards. That, in turn, means that the bureaucrats, whom we pay but may not fire, are the rightful deciders and any notion of a sovereign people ruling themselves through representatives whom they elect and fire is a quaint and outmoded one to be discarded by those of superior understanding, like themselves.

Their superior right supposedly comes from superior knowledge and morality. In short, they should rule us because they are better than we. So much better are they that it is illegitimate for us to look too closely at how they reach their conclusions. For example, if what they do involves “national security,” our insistence in knowing the details is likely to endanger it.


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