It looks like Schiff colluded with 'whistleblower' in putting his complaint together

Jeff Dunetz:
SCHIFF KNEW: Had Account Of Whistleblower Complaint Before It Was Filed

According to the liberal NY Times an aide of the Bug-eyed Barrister of Burbank, Adam Schiff got an early warning and review of the accusation of the whistleblower.

Before going to Congress, the C.I.A. officer had a colleague convey his accusations to the agency’s top lawyer. Concerned about how that avenue for airing his allegations was unfolding, the officer then approached a House Intelligence Committee aide, alerting him to the accusation against Mr. Trump. In both cases, the original accusation was vague.

The House staff member, following the committee’s procedures, suggested the officer find a lawyer to advise him and file a whistle-blower complaint. The aide shared some of what the officer conveyed to Mr. Schiff. The aide did not share the whistle-blower’s identity with Mr. Schiff or anyone else, an official said.

“Like other whistle-blowers have done before and since under Republican and Democratic-controlled committees, the whistle-blower contacted the committee for guidance on how to report possible wrongdoing within the jurisdiction of the intelligence community,” said Patrick Boland, a spokesman for Mr. Schiff.

What Boland didn’t say is what many suspect that Schiff’s office helped to focus the complaint and give it more of a legal format with footnotes.
Of course, Schiff’s spokesman didn’t admit the document looked like it was written by a lawyer. He told the NY Times that everything was Kosher....
There is more.

It looks like Schiff should be disqualified from leading the impeachment effort since he conspired with the alleged whistleblower in concocting his false and misleading narrative.  He should also be referred to the ethics committee of the House.

Republicans on the committee say Schiff deliberately withheld information from the committee.
"We learn from the press today that Chm Schiff had prior knowledge and involvement in the WB complaint. He withheld this info from the American people and even from the Intel Cmte. In light of this news, it’s hard to view impeachment as anything aside from an orchestrated farce," Nunes tweeted.
“I was never made aware that Chairman Schiff was aware of this whistleblower’s concerns before a complaint was ever filed, much less that own his Intel staff advised the whistleblower on how to proceed," Ratcliffe said. "For Chairman Schiff to then feign outrage and allege a White House 'cover-up' to keep Congress from knowing about the whistleblower complaint that he helped to initiate is beyond dishonest.”

New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, another GOP member of the committee, called on Schiff to immediately step down as chairman.


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