Hunter Biden's Ukraine windfall out of step with the industry

One of the central elements in the ongoing kerfuffle about President Trump’s conversation with President Zelensky of Ukraine is over the investigation into Hunter Biden’s mysterious appointment as a member of the board of directors of Ukraine’s largest private natural gas company, Burisma. While Joe Biden was vice-president and self-described “point person” for the Obama administration on Ukraine, one of his portfolios was trying to convince the Ukrainians to improve transparency in their economy and suppress corruption. To that end, Burisma hired Hunter Biden who, by the way, had zero experience in much of anything other than grifting off the family name and keeping hookers gainfully employed, as a member of its board of directors. The salary Biden fils received has been variously reported as $50,000 or $80,000 per month.

To be charitable, let’s put aside our disbelief and pretend that Hunter Biden was hired because of his totally mad business skills and just ignore the facts and circumstances surrounding Joe Biden’s demand that a Ukrainian prosecutor who may have targeted his son be fired. A quick test of the legitmacy of Hunter Biden’s salary is its comparability to other, similarly situated companies. It is estimated that Burisma’s earnings are about $400 million annually.
Burisma is not quite 1/4 the size of the smallest company on this list. The group of smallest companies pays between $285-$330,000 per year for a non-employee director. Hunter Biden was paid $600,000 (at least) for being a board member of a company whose language he did not speak, whose home country he’d never lived in, and which was in an industry about which Hunter Biden was pig-ignorant.
Why are Democrats pretending that this is not an unusual deal that suggests a corrupt effort to influence the Vice President?  I find them wholly unpersuasive.  Most people with real jobs for which they are qualified do not make this kind of money.


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