Executive branch having to deal with Democrats obsession with their Trump hatred and a new coup attempt

Washington Post:

Impeachment inquiry erupts into battle between executive, legislative branches

As the scope broadened, congressional Democrats and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traded threats and President Trump questioned whether a leader of the probe should be arrested.
Having to deal with a completely meritless impeachment effort by Democrats acting in bad faith is bumping up against an administration that is not willing to surrender to the nonsense.  The leader of the probe is a person who was once committed to an impeachment based on the discredited Russian collusion hoax and this particular effort is equally without merit.  He has shown himself willing to lie to achieve his objectives. 

What is really behind this effort is not what Trump said to a Ukraine official, but the Democrats worry about indictments of those behind the first coup attempt that started in the Obama administration and was embraced by kooks in the Democrat party.  It is also being pushed because the Democrats fear they will lose the 2020 election to Trump with their lousy cast of candidates so they decided to engage in a high stakes smear campaign against the president.


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