Will she really show up in a timely fashion or just continue to stall her appearance?

NY Times:

Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser Says She’s Willing to Testify Before Judiciary Committee

The decision by the woman, Christine Blasey Ford, came after days of uncertainty over whether she would appear at a hearing and answer questions about her accusations of sexual assault.
This is starting to look like a bad faith scam to stall the vote and not a real effort to tell her story.  Based on the people she has surrounded herself with, I am skeptical that any of them want to do anything other than try to stall and delay.   In nearly 50 years of being a lawyer, I have never seen such a flaky witness when it comes to even scheduling a date for testimony.  I do recall some scam artists who would not show up at the appointed time, but never a serious witness to an alleged crime.


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