Dr. Ford symptoms of paranoia and the second front door

I am a retired corporate lawyer and not a psychologist.  However, I am close to several people who are and one of my best friends was a senior executive in a psychological testing firm that did work for large corporations around the world.  In talking with him about his work he suggested that I take the test and was willing to waive the fee which was substantial.  It revealed several things, but one of the more interesting was that I had very low empathy.  It is not that I did not care about people, I was just brutally realistic in dealing with problems.  He suggested I would have fit in nicely as a triage doctor in an overworked emergency room.

Some of that comes from my experience as an officer in a Marine Corps infantry unit in Vietnam where one has to remain functional and in command when things are happening all around and the unit is experiencing casualties.  It also comes from working in a corporate environment where many times tough decisions must be made in a short period of time.

Which brings me to Dr. Ford and her desire for a second front door.  She apparently saw the second door as an escape route should someone come after her.  My logical response would have been that she just double access to the front of the house making it more difficult to defend against a break in.

This fear of hers seems to suggest a paranoia that is not grounded in reality.  She also has apparently expressed a fear of flying.  People who suffer from paranoia also are prone to delusions.  Could that be the source of her irrational fear of Kavanaugh, who she might see as a threat to her work with abortion providers? 

I can't say, but a professional in the field might want to weigh in.  She seems like a very fragile person.  I have known women and men who have suffered much worse trauma than she has described who manage to deal with it and live normal productive lives.


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