More evidence emerges that Democrats planned to smear any Trump nominee for court to keep a conservative off it

Daily Wire:
Former Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon gave a revealing interview to The New York Times Wednesday, outlining activists' plan to scuttle Brett Kavanaugh's nomination and keep the Supreme Court seat vacant — and "out of Trump's hands" — until 2020.

Fallon now headlines a group called "Demand Justice," which, among other legislative priorities, is seeking revenge for the Senate's treatment of former President Barack Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland. Their plan, Fallon says, is to make sure President Donald Trump is similarly deprived of a SCOTUS pick, and they'll do what they have to in order to keep Kavanaugh off the bench.
"If Kavanaugh drops out, we're halfway there," Fallon explains.

The second part of Fallon's genius plan comes in November: "If Democrats are able to win back the Senate, we'd have a path to blocking Trump from picking any of the archconservatives on his short list."
I recall seeing other Democrats admit this is their objective.  It is not Kavanaugh, it's them.  If Trump had nominated a woman for the seat, they would have smeared her regardless of background or qualification.  Democrats are in open rebellion against teh Constitution of the United States and must be stopped.

The smears of Kavanaugh are just part of an elaborate bad faith operation to thwart the Constitutional process.


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