ABA never called for a delay in the confirmation vote on Kavanaugh's nomination

Thomas Lifson:
The Democrat-media complex pulled off another fake news psy-op yesterday, spreading the lie that the American Bar Association has thrown its considerable institutional weight behind the Democrats' demand to delay confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Did it affect Jeff Flake's decision to flake? We'll never know, but it is a good bet that farm more people heard and read the lie than will ever see any correction.

Twitchy documents the entire disgraceful episode, starting with the New York Times, which wrote:
The American Bar Association called Thursday evening for postponing a vote on Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court until sexual assault and misconduct allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford and others are investigated by the F.B.I.

But the lie was spread quickly:

Eight long hours later, the Senate Judiciary Comittee tweeted out its correction....
The Democrats quickly seized on the bogus item in their effort to delay a vote on the confirmation.  Someone at the ABA who opposes the nomination did send a letter, but that person was not speaking for the committee that had recommended Kavanaugh.


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