Several members of Iran Revolutionary Guard killed in shooting during parade

NY Times:

Gunmen Kill 24, Including 12 Revolutionary Guards, in Attack on Iran Military Parade

Gunmen fired on a military parade in southwestern Iran on Saturday, killing 24 people, half of them members of the Revolutionary Guards, state news agencies reported, in one of the worst attacks ever on the elite force.State television said the assault, which wounded more than 60 people, targeted a stand where Iranian officials had gathered in the city of Ahvaz to watch an annual event marking the start of the Islamic Republic's 1980-88 war with Iraq.
Not everyone in Iran loves a parade, especially if it is the hated troops of the ayatollahs.  The rebellion against the Islamist despots is getting hot.  There have been other such incidents, but this appears to be one of the worse attacks so far.  The people have been demonstrating against the government ever since they learned how money from the Obama windfall was squandered on terror operations in Gaza, Lebanon, and Yemen while people in Iran were living in misery.  I do not think Obama is smart enough to have thought of this as a way to overthrow the despots in Iran, but Trump supports the people against the government.


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