They said they did not know anything about the alleged conduct...

Washington Post:
Can Kavanaugh survive? 10 questions that will help decide the outcome.

It’s no longer he said vs. she said. Now it’s he said vs. they said. This now raises the question of whether more women will come forward.
Why is the Post trying to mislead people with the suggestion that any alleged witnesses supported the latest claim by a Soros backed "social justice warrior"?

I have a natural suspicion of anyone who tries to put a modifier in front of the word "justice."  It is a word that should need no such modifier and to put "social" in front of it implies a political agenda that could be inconsistent with real justice.

But as the NY Times has reported, no witnesses corroborated the accuser's story and other reports suggest she may have been too incapacitated by alcohol consumption to even name anyone who may have exposed himself. 

In a less politicized environment, it is a case that not only should never have been published, but it is also a case that no sane prosecutor would bring.  Unfortunately, the anti-Trump hysteria on the left and their fear of possibly not being able to kill babies in the womb has made them embrace charges with no legal merit.


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