Two men come forward saying they were the ones Ford is talking about

Washington Examiner:
Senate Judiciary Committee staffers have spoken to two men who separately claim they could be the one described by Christine Blasey Ford, not Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Aides to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, met with the one of the men Monday after he sent them a written statement asserting he "had the encounter with Dr. Ford in 1982," according to a summary of the panel's efforts to investigate Ford's allegation. They then interviewed the unidentified man a second time before obtaining a more in-depth written account from him on Wednesday.

The committee's investigative staff on Wednesday additionally spoke on the telephone with another man claiming he was the man described by Ford, Grassley's summary continued.
This will complicate things for Ford and the Democrats.  I suspect that the anti-Kavanaugh forces will contest the claim and use it as another excuse for their real objective to delay and stop the nomination to the court.  For the Democrats, this has been a fad faith operation form the beginning and they have just been using Ford as an excuse for their real objective of keeping Trump nominees off the court.


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