Democrat politicians overplayed their weak hand in Kavanaugh fight

Patricia McCarthy:
This tragedy that became a farce is now a crime, the crime of purposeful defamation of an innocent man. Leftists are so determined to prevent Kavanaugh from becoming a justice on the Supreme Court that they have exposed themselves as the lowlife cheaters they are, without shame or any sense of decency.

When they do not win, they will do anything to undo their loss. This is what has motivated the left since the 2016 election. From the moment Trump won, leftists set about their plans to remove him from office by any means necessary. The cabal that put this plan into motion cares nothing for the law, the Constitution, or the people its members set out to ruin as they have Brett Kavanaugh.

There are no words to adequately describe how venal these conspirators among the congressional left are, how low they are prepared to go. To this day, not one Democrat has spoken out against this monstrous plan to destroy a fine man who has led an impeccable life. Not one. Each and every one of them knows that this is an odious campaign based on lies, but not one of them will admit to this fact. The Democratic Party is officially deplorable in every sense of the word.

Blasey Ford's allegations are laughable, not at all credible. The woman has no memory of when, where, how her alleged assault took place. She was and remains known for her excessive drinking. She has no idea who groped her any more than the second woman Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer (who regularly celebrates the wrong people) have written about in the New Yorker knows who exposed himself to her, if anyone.

Like Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez also could not find one person to corroborate her story. She tried for six days! Is someone paying these women to prostitute themselves on the altar of lies in order to destroy Kavanaugh? Soros? Steyer? The Clintons? They are all infamous for funding and promoting this kind of fake news.
There is more.

There is no bottom below which these malevolent Democrat politicians will not sink.  While they may have some support from their base, it is mostly coming from the pro-abortion lobby on the left who fears there might someday be more restrictions on their ability to kill babies in the womb.  That is the underlying reasons for their smear campaign.  One of the ironies for their dilemma is that if they had not aborted over 60 million babies since Roe v. Wade, the Democrats would probably still have a majority.  Now they are desperately trying to replace those 60 million potential Democrats by importing low skilled immigrants from other countries that are here illegally.


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