Feinstein continues her bad faith stalling tactics on Kavanaugh confirmation

Washington Post:
Feinstein calls for delay in Kavanaugh nomination after new allegation

The letter by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the Judiciary Committee’s top Democrat, came after a report that a Yale classmate of Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh said he exposed himself to her at a party.
Feinstein has forever tarnished her reputation with her handling of the Ford allegations and this is just another deliberate tactical move to stall a vote.  It is made in complete bad faith.  The second accuser has no credible claim and all of the alleged witnesses have said there is no basis for the claim. 

Feinstein will go down with Sen. Mazie Hirono as two of the most disgraceful Democrats since the Jim Crow era.  Hirono is a sexist bigot who does not believe in the Constitutional protections.  Feinstein is a manipulative disgrace who sat on Ford's complaint in order to use it later to stall the nomination.

One thing Democrats have accomplished is they have made clear to Trump supporters that they needed someone like Trump to fight back against Democrat abuses.  These voters did not need much reassurance that Democrats hated them, but they are getting that assurance in spades.  The chances are remote that Democrats will ever win back these voters. 


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