Democrats perplexed that Kavanaugh defended himself?

Ed Morrissey:
Gillibrand: How Dare The Man Dems Called “Evil” Attack Democrats In His Hearing, Or Something
Democrats would have booed the Christians who fought back against the lions in the Coliseum.
Anger at those who have wronged one is a natural sentiment, and that is precisely what Kavanaugh demonstrated yesterday. As for the judicial temperament argument, it’s absurd as well. Kavanaugh wasn’t acting as a judge yesterday, but as someone publicly accused and being publicly judged of a serious charge without any corroboration or evidence to support it. Judges aren’t supposed to be emotionless drones anyway, but to fault him for anger at those who have set up an environment for a smear campaign — some of whom have actively participated in it — is a bald and grotesque attempt to shift blame and goalposts.


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