Iran worries about regime change at home while trying to impose it in other countries

Washington Times:
America’s fight with Iran flared anew here Tuesday, with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accusing the Trump administration of trying to overthrow his government while National Security Advisor John R. Bolton warned there will “be hell to pay” if Tehran doesn’t cease its provocative behavior on the world stage.

The sharp exchanges, in back-and-forth speeches inside and on the periphery of the U.N. General Assembly, underscored the tension that has escalated dramatically between the two nations in the four months since President Trump broke with other world powers to withdraw the U.S. from the 2015 Iranian nuclear accord and re-impose harsh economic sanctions on Tehran.

Mr. Rouhani used the main stage at the annual gathering of world leaders here to slam the president’s move, claiming the international community simply won’t follow Mr. Trump’s lead and that Washington’s widening re-imposition of economic sanctions against Iran is a “form of economic terrorism.”

U.S. allies such as Britain, Germany and France, along with Russia and China, say the deal has succeeded in curbing Iran’s suspect nuclear programs and are scrambling to save the accord in the face of Mr. Trump’s withdrawal.

Mr. Rouhani’s speech came just hours after Mr. Trump stood at the same podium, calling on the world to help him isolate Iran and accusing Tehran of spreading terrorism and of continuing to build a nuclear arsenal despite the three-year-old accord that aimed to contain it’s atomic ambitions.

“We cannot allow the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism to possess the planet’s most dangerous weapons,” said Mr. Trump, channeling the same aggressive energy that he used toward North Korea in his first U.N. General Assembly speech a year ago — energy his aides say has worked in driving Pyongyang to the bargaining table.
Iran is a malevolent force especially in the Middle East where it is supporting terrorist in Lebanon, Gaza, and Yemen.  These are all strategic operations by Iran to go after Israel and Saudia Arabia.  Now it is whining about Trump reimposing sanctions on the Tehran regime for continuing to push terrorism and build ICBM to launch ballistic missiles on which it intends to put nuclear weapons. 


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