It is time to crush Democrat fantasies about the Supreme Court

NY Times:

The Democratic Dream: Defeat Kavanaugh, Win the Senate and Stop Trump Supreme Court Picks

That scenario helps explain why President Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell are so determined to push through Brett Kavanaugh rather than replace him with a less damaged candidate.
This piece does explain the utterly disgraceful Democrat response to the Kavanaugh nomination.  The palpable bad faith of the Democrats from the time of his announcement and the bogus attacks have been non stop all because of Democrat fears that there might someday be some restrictions on their ability to kill babies in the womb.  They can't even be honest about that.

This fantasy of their's should motivate Republican voters to show up and defeat the evils of liberalism that infect too many Democrat politicians.  When you hear people like Hirono, and Blumenthal talk it is clear they are willing to trash the US constitution to achieve their objectives.

It was my reading of the Pentagon Papers that first turned me against Democrats, but this attack on a good man shows there is really no bottom to which Democrats will not go.  Democrat politicians have become some of the most disgusting creatures in this country.


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