Minnesota senate races highlight Democrat hypocrisy on Kavanaugh

Washington Times:
The domestic-abuse allegations against Rep. Keith Ellison are creating headaches not only for his campaign but the candidacies of two fellow Democrats, Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith.

Both Democratic senators are being accused of hypocrisy taking a hard line on the allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee, while going easy on the claims against Mr. Ellison leveled over a month ago by his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan.

Republican state Sen. Karin Housley, who’s running against the newly appointed Smith in the November special election, last weekend called out “my opponent’s continued hypocrisy” on the accusations.

“For Tina Smith to call for a ‘full and thorough investigation’ into the allegations made against Brett Kavanaugh but openly campaign with her friend Keith Ellison is hypocritical, offensive and just plain wrong,” Ms. Housley said in a statement.

The Housley campaign is running a digital ad showcasing Ms. Smith’s ties to Mr. Ellison, the Democratic National Committee deputy chair.

“According to Tina Smith, Keith Ellison is a ‘longtime friend’, ‘progressive champion’, and a ‘voice for the vulnerable’ whose support ‘means so much,’” says the Housley ad.

“It’s no secret the two are political allies and mouthpieces for the radical left – but as Tina Smith claims to be a ‘champion’ for women, why won’t she speak out on the domestic abuse allegations leveled at Keith Ellison?” the ad says.
This is one more example of the bad faith exercised by Democrats with respect to the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court.  The Democrats have no credibility as a result.


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