The Trump economic boom is lifting Hispanic Americans

Daniel Garza:
It’s no secret that for many Latinos, the most important voting issue is the economy.

For years, our families have been disadvantaged by a lack of available jobs, sluggish wage growth, and the real challenge of trying to pay down debt and save more to get ahead.

Latinos put a high priority on greater economic opportunity because we know that when we have the opportunity to work and earn, we can build better lives and better futures. When we have a chance to earn, the American dream is well within reach.

With that in mind, the most recent report from the Census Bureau brings some welcome news. According to the bureau, median household income in the U.S. has increased for three consecutive years. That’s also true for Hispanic households in particular, who saw their median income increase by 3.7 percent in just the last year.

According to the bureau, from 2015 to 2017, the average household income for Hispanics increased from $65,818 to $68,319. That’s a significant increase—one that helps create better options for education, health care, and savings. It empowers people to invest in small businesses, or in acquiring skills that can create a better future. In short, it creates all sorts of options for Latinos in this country to have a better future.
Rising wages are a welcome change for Latinos—a reminder that when American entrepreneurs and workers are unleashed from burdensome taxes and regulations, they generate real economic growth. That means greater business investment, higher productivity, and a greater ability for workers and companies to benefit from growing profits.

It’s especially helpful to our community, which is far more entrepreneurial than the rest of the nation. It’s estimated that Latinos grow our economic base by 1 million net new businesses every five years. As these enterprises grow, all of America will benefit.
I have also observed that Hispanics with good English language skills have a better chance of being successful.  I think English emersion course in school help them achieve better results in the long run.  They are an important element of the US economy and it is good to see that they are finding success in this economic boom.  They should not let Democrats kill the boom that benefits them.


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